I did my best but it seemed like MY BEST was not enough. Hahaha! Even if I wasn’t crowned or on top, I’m still grateful cause my family and friends got my back! Their shouts, love and effort are shown all throughout the pageant. No one left me behind! Though, many people were dismayed, (and I never expect they would act like that; especially those acquaintances) we just have to accept it. Your battle cry, before, during, and after the pageant, were so priceless!! That’s worth more than the title! I really really appreciate your love, sweeties. I think God let this one to happen the way it did because He knew I had you guys who would be with me NO MATTER WHAT!! And to those people who didn’t have time to know us/me, I came there to boost my self-esteem by the way. YES! They are posting pictures congratulating me and they did that because for them, I am the winner; we didn’t initiate a chaos here. And It was never an intention. We may be disappointed but we accept the final outcome, WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I/We know God has a reason for this. Kung para sa iba maging ng mga di ko kilala panalo ako (not in particular order) walang katumbas na titulo o trophy yon, yun pa nga ung masarap sa pakiramdam. Sabi ko nga daig ko pa ata sila sa dami nang nagccongratulate saken!! And i think doon kyo naggalit. Sorry, if in that case I offended you.

Well, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine, super fine. I just didn’t expect na madaming manghihinayang sakin at magmmsg pa, nagpost pa nga ung iba, salamat uh. Alam kong hindi sapat ang pasasalamat ko sa inyo sa pagbbgay ng gnitong pakiramdam sa akin, nasa cloud9 kasi ako hanggang ngayon dahil sa inyo.

I EXPECT no one will react negatively with this post since you’ve been calling yourselves matured enough. Thank you.

Hmua: Pham Diño
Photos not mine.


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