Subic Bay, Zambales

It was our field trip last semester. Hahaha, sounds like field trip is not a “thing” for a college student right? ย Well, our school initiated fied trip every semester. At that time, we went to Subic Bay, Zambales. Months of not travelling and going to far places made me stare at the bus window all the time. I am captivated by the nature along the way. With those simple trees along the road which is rarely seen in the metro. I was amazed when we arrived in Subic Bay. Everything were amazing!


This is a school tour so I didn’t have any itinerary nor on how to go.



This is the most exciting part because two sea lions showed us their talent and every time they did it right they were given fish, of course. Haha! I think it’s galunggong [hard tail mackerel in English] they’re giving.


Live show of dolphins! They are very talented and even if dolphins live in the water they belong to the group of mammals. It’s because they give birth! Dolphins do not lay eggs.

Different species of fishes inside! ๐Ÿ™‚


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