Pageant 2016

This is me when I received two awards that night. Emotions swirled around me after hearing the final 5. Gratitude to the Lord still for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a beauty competition in school.

I got my first award that night. ย Grateful because of all the candidates I was chosen to be one! Mwaha, though this is just a simple award I take this as an achievement, not everyone are blessed enough to have this. My hair and make up done by my friend Pham. ย My accessories are from my mother’s jewelry box. She used to save and collect some accessories because she thinks of my future that I’m gonna use it as well. And tinggg!!! I used it! It makes me shine that night.

Ms. Photogenic 2016 | Christ The King College of Science and Technology

My look for winning the Ms. Photogenic 2016


This is the winning dress I wore during that “Casual Wear Competition”. The dress I’m wearing is from Singapore, a friend of mine let me borrow this one even she didn’t wear it at all and I’m so happy that the dress she lend me got an award that night!! My bracelets areย from my mom’s jewelry box, also and my earrings and necklace from my dear classmate.

I used three high heels in this competition and all of them were from my friends!

When you had the chance to join beauty competitions, grab it. Don’t doubt yourself, girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

Best in Casual Wear 2016 | Christ The King College of Science and Technology


For the talent portion, I dance.

Music: Focus -Ariana Grande

Choreography: Mocha Girls

Choreographed by: Avie Tumacag, a friend.


For the Creative Dress [the one that will best represent your course]

B&W long sleeve, dark blue office coat, jeans, and2 inch high heels.


All hair and make-up: Pham Dino


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