Cagsawa Ruins, Bicol

Cagsawa Ruins located in Daraga  Albay, Bicol lies the scenic view of Mayon Volcano; Mt. Mayon. Called Cagsawa because its place is called Cagsawa itself and ruins because it is a magnificent remains of the church destroyed during the eruption of Mayon Volcano. It remained strong even after the eruption and is now protected by the local government of Bicol. Cagsawa Ruins is just another tourist attractions in Bicol aside from its white sand beaches, mountains and other historical places.

This photo was captured around 5pm



You can even ask the local tour guide to take photos of you.

In my case I’m with a friend to take me pictures and I’m just too shy to post to a local tour guide.
Picture taken before leaving.

The view of the perfect cone Mayon Volcano is just amazing. You really knew that a man can’t do such wonderful thing. I can even see the paths trailed by the hot lavas, lahar and stones during the eruption of the volcano. One of the folks told us that the Cagsawa was under those lava flows and lahars and there were too many Bicolanos died. The good thing that’s left is that the church still stood firm and gives them a living now.


Cagsawa Ruins Park gave a livelihood to Bicolanos. There are several stores beside the park where you can find good stuff for souvenirs, cafe and restaurants where you can try all Bicol delicacies, ATV for tourist to trail down the lava path, local tour guide (to tour you to near places or just share some stories and information about Cagsawa Ruins and also to take you some pictures with affordable pay, they even told us to give them any amount) and a livelihood to tricycle drivers.

Sadly, I don’t have any pictures. But be sure to try Sili Ice Cream, Sili Shake, Pili Sweets and take home some hot sauce.

How to go to Cagsawa Ruins in Bicol:

Ride an airplane. It’ll be one hour trip.

Upon arrival, you can ask some tricycle drivers to take you to Cagsawa Ruins. We just pay Php 40.00

No entrance fee at Cagsawa Ruins Park.

Leaving Bicol @ Legaspi Airport
My first ever local flight.



Ride a bus, it’ll be a long ride. It will take you 12 hrs going to Daraga, Albay.

From Daraga ride a tricycle to take you to the Cagsawa Ruins Park. 🙂

It is good to enjoy local destinations first. Alamin ang atin!

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