Adventure: Nasugbu, Batangas

Nasugbu, Batangas known for its black sand. Literally black.


How we really get there? My friends and I are planning to spend a 3 days and 2 nights vacation in Cagbalete Island in Quezon Province. But unfortunately, we just wasted the money we deposited for our room accommodation there because “tito” told us that the route going to the island is quite dangerous. So we decided to just go on the nearby provinces where there are beautiful and captivating beaches. The choices are Cavite, Batangas and Laguna. Since Cavite now is a crowded place for summer getaways and Laguna was only good for its springs, falls and swimming pools we decided to go to Batangas. The plan was really in Calatagan, Batangas. The Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas is our destination. Everything were planned. From the tent, foods and necessary things to bring because the travel blogs we’ve read said that there is absolutely no electricity in the area. So yeah, we rode a van in Starmall Alabang going to Boundary [Php 140/pax]. The van left at exactly 7pm. We arrived at “Boundary” past 9 in the evening. The van driver told us that there are buses that can take us to Calatagan Proper/Market. So we waited. Until it is already 11 pm and we are waiting for nothing [I think so]. There are really buses passing by but the routes are only Nasugbu and Lian. We talked to a bus conductor of DLTB and thanks to God that man helped us! We rode the bus going to Nasugbu [Php 55/pax]. He let us stay in the DLTB Nasugbu Terminal over the night. In the terminal, the bus drivers and conductors asked us and suggest some beaches near the area.

So just to cut the story short, we went to Entarling Island Resort. Though the Nasugbu is known for its black sand this island resort is an exemption. It has brownish color shade of sand. From the bus terminal, we rode a tricycle [Php 10/pax] going to the port of Nasugbu. From the Port, we rode a small boat [Php 15/pax]. And taaanan! Finally, touchdown!

We rented a cottage. Php 700 for a day swimming and Php 800 for an overnight stay. There are no rooms in the resort. No entrance fee.

You can also go island exploring all by yourself. The island is big but the resort has only limited space but you can go to other part of the island if you wish to. Just be careful during high tide coz the big rocks are really rough to walk in. You can wait until its 3pm when it’s low tide. There are so many sea stars in the area, I brought one home, small crabs and few fishes.  There are also stones and shells that’s so nice to collect also. Haha!


During low tide



  •  4-5 hours drive from Metro Manila.
  • Quite and relaxing place because it’s not crowded
  • you can leave your things, no incident of theft or lost things [proven]


Everything were pricey, I think.

Each phone charge for Php 30.00

Small pack of uling/charcoal for Php 15.00

Rice cooker for Php 50.00

Hot Coffee [Kopiko] for Php 20.00

Quite pricey right?

Necessary Things To Bring:

  • So if you are planning to stay just for a day, charged your phone and bring a fully charged powerbank/s.
  • Bring water and enough food. Bring charcoal [uling] for you not to use the electricity. You can cook rice in the grilling station which we did


How To Get There:

👉 Ride a DLTB Bus going to Nasugbu [Php 155.00]. Asked the conductor to drop you off at the bus terminal. From the bus terminal, look for Sir Reynaldo Soliguen. He was the one who introduce the Entarling Resort to us and is working in the bus terminal. He can/will assist you on how to go there. From terminal, you will ride a tricycle for only Php 10.00 each person. It will drop you off at the Port of Nasugbu from there, you will ride a small boat for Php15.00. If Sir Reynaldo will be the one to guide you, the bangkero will ask you only Php 5.00 per person.

The same applies in going back.

Our [sample] Itinerary: This is an unplanned itinerary, just a guide for those who wish to go there ✌️😊

0200 PM: Bought foods and drinks in Alabang Public Market
0500 PM: Headed to Starmall Terminal
0700 PM: Departure. Going to “Boundary”
0900 PM: Boundary
1100 PM: Finally rode a bus going to Nasugbu
1200 MN: Nasugbu bounded
0100 AM: EATING TIME [tried Loming Batangas]

0600 AM: Beach Bumming
0400 PM: Pack up
0500 PM: Going back to the DLTB Bus Terminal
0600 PM: Going Home!!!!

Budget: Php 1,000/person for our group of five.


👉 BE AWARE. There are really people who will charge you too much. 😞 Be responsible enough to handle a situation and always think if it really suits your budget or if the price is agreeable to the place you’re going. The fare and prices indicated above are all up to date. We went there last May 23, 2016.

👉 Leave no mark. Bring garbage with you, if needed.

👉 The resort is not developed. Do not expect too much. 🙂


Licensed to copyright, all images and materials that is published here and will be use without any written permission to me [author] is punishable by law.






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